Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I won't be handing candy out to trick or treaters this year. I know that sounds like I am a grump but I already have candy bags for our little neighbor kids. I will go visit them around dinner time to deliver the goodies then come home, turn off the porch lights and head upstairs to watch a movie and piddle around in the scrapbook room. Mike & Hayley will both be working so it will just be me & the doggie at home. Sounds like a nice evening to me! I didn't forget my own 2 goblins. I made these cute little "Boo Buckets" and filled them with candy. They were fun to make but I decided....I need a Cricut!! :) ~~I am accepting donations.


Carrie said...

Very cute! I looked with covetedness at the cricuit on Good price! It will be on the Christmas list, but who knows.

Nicole said...

Cute project, Robyn!!!