Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tissue Paper Flower and a Couple of Other Creations

I saw a short tutorial on Practical Stampers on making tissue paper flowers. They are super easy to make. My card leaves a lot to be desired but I learned something new so it wasn't a waste.
Here is my little Wonder and Joy friend from The Angel Company.  Doesn't she make you smile? The link takes you to Karen's blog. She can fix you up with all sorts of great stamps!

Today, my son Matthew turned 23. Like I have said before, I am greatly challenged when it  comes to making "boy cards". I think this one is screaming for a flower or two. He said he is thankful I controlled the urge and suggested splashing some motor oil on my next guy card. Luckily I don't ask him for design suggestions often. 


  • Jody getting a PICC line after a very difficult day yesterday.
  • Having Mike home for the last few days.
  • The opportunity to be a mother for the last 23 years to a great kid. Happy Birthday Matthew, I love you! 
  • Getting to see Hayley today.
  • 80 degrees and lots of sunshine today! 
 Have a wonderful Palm Sunday!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Prize and a Few Cards

I was lucky enough to win some Blog candy last weekend on one of my favorite blogs to follow. Laurie at Soapbox Creations makes the prettiest cards (and gives some pretty cool prizes!) Take a look at all my goodies! I have plans for the cool stamps really soon. Thanks Laurie!

I am seriously behind on birthday gifts for Mike's sister an her great husband. They are two of my favorite people and they always seem to get put on the "back burner". I feel so bad about that. I have her card and gift ready to go and today I made an "oh so OK" guy card for Bron. I wasn't feeling very creative today and I think this poor fish shows it!

I have no immediate plans for this little cupcake from my new Sweet Treats cartridge. It is such a fun cartridge. I just wish I had more time to play.

This last one is a thank you card for a sweet friend of mine that has done so much for me since the death of my father. The little cutie comes from The Angel Company. Karen is my personal angel (I just love saying that!) and she has sold me a few sets that I wish I had more time to play with.  Go see her goodies and tell her I said hi!
My Blessings:

  • Seeing my brother Jody smile on Friday.
  • An opportunity to sit with my dear friend Darlene on Friday after her husband had a heart attack. Thankfully, he will be OK.
  • God's never ending grace.
  • My husband's love
  • Almost 2 weeks of success on my quest for better health.
Smile, Jesus loves you!