Saturday, October 31, 2009

My comfy chair

I got a piece of fleece from Hobby Lobby to throw over a super ugly chair I had in my scrapbook room. I am in love with the chair now! It was a comfy chair before, just ugly. Now it is SUPER comfortable and I love to sit in it and read or watch TV or just veg out. It is even a good napping chair. The pink and brown is a perfect fit for my scrapbook room. I'm such a lucky girl.
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Friday, October 30, 2009

Card Therapy Maybe?

Life has been pretty overwhelming lately. My loveable younger brother, Jody has been hospitalized for the past month in very critical condition. Only God knows what His plans are for Jody but I feel like he is so close to going to heaven and I get excited for him. He has endured so much pain in his 44 years but always manages to smile and he is all about love. He has done some important work for God here on earth and I anxiously wait for God to take him home where he will be free from his broken earthly body and rest peacefully in the arms of Jesus. With that going on (and dealing with being sick myself - I'm all better now!) I have not had the time or the desire to even go into my room and be creative. Yesterday was a very emotional day. I cried for hours and after I was finished I wanted a distraction so I went upstairs for about an hour and whipped up a couple of cards for my special co-worker friends. I think they came out rather nice considering I had no plan. I needed the time up there to clear my head and I believe I may do a little more tomorrow!