Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bambino Hueys Anyone??

Google has finally let me down. I am often called the Google Girl at work because if something or someone is out there, I can almost always find what I am looking for through Google.

There was once a restaurant in San Antonio called Boccone's. It closed the Blanco Rd restaurant maybe 7 years ago and eventually opened another on Embassy Row that they called Bambino Huey's. I never went to that restaurant and it has since closed as well. They made a dessert that would make you think you went straight to heaven from the first bite to the last. It was their Bambino Huey. It was served warm in a little ramekin topped with whipped cream that would melt into a gooey goodness - like I said, heaven in a ramekin. They were bambino sized because you couldn't eat too much without going into a diabetic coma. For awhile they marketed them and you could buy them in the frozen food section at HEB. Those have disappeard long ago as well.

I have always had an interest in replicating restaurant recipes and love to visit sites like CopyKat or Top Secret Recipes. A few weeks ago Hayley and I were eating at Apple Annie's and she asked me if I thought I could make the spread that they serve you when you are seated. She always asks for extra (which by the way is very OK at Apple Annie's. Although it is not advertised, you can always ask for seconds or thirds of your meal and they will bring it at no charge). I told her to ask the owner if he would give her the recipe. He made her guess all the ingredients but we eventually left with all the information she needed typed in her Blackberry. That was an easy one but sometimes more work is necessary to get a recipe or faux recipe. She has been asking for at least 6 months if we (meaning me) could make Bambino Hueys. I told her to search on line to see what she could come up with. She obviously doesn't share my gift of searching. I finally looked yesterday and found a few recipes that were all pretty similar but not what I was looking for. I googled until I could google no more and I wasn't able to find the real Bambino Huey recipe. We did try a recipe from that Hayley's friend Jessica & I tried to half heartily convince ourselves was close to the real thing. Jessica said if we put more sugar, more butter and more whipped cream we might have it. Doesn't THAT sound appetizing? Funny thing though. ...Between Mike, myself & 3 girls we ate almost the entire pan - all in the name of research - ha ha!

Google is still my friend and I realize it is a very good thing we didn't find the real thing because those bambinos are the last thing my diet needs. It was a fun adventure though.