Saturday, March 28, 2009

Birthday Dinner at Red Lobster

Matthew wanted to have dinner at Red Lobster for his birthday. I was all for it since I didn't have to cook. Matthew & Hayley always get crab legs. I had scallopes & Mike had stuffed talapia. It was a fun time. We took about 20 pictures and laughed a lot. A friend from work baked him a German Chocolate cake so dessert was taken care of too. What an easy birthday for me!

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Matthew!

Today Matthew turned 22. His friends met over here to carpool and go downtown to celebrate. He doesn't shave as often as I'd like so I had to grab a picture to remember the face I love to see clean shaven.

I took one tequilla shot with them - now I'm ready for bed. (I don't think I have done that since I was 22.)

Stephen - such a nice boy.

Why don't these boys smile? Is it not cool?

Posted by PicasaThey are gone now. More friends are meeting them downtown. They have a designated driver but said they will call me if someone needs a ride. I'm off to bed.
Dear God, Keep both of my children safe tonight and bring them home to me. Amen

This is what we do at work when the servers are down

I taught Darlene & Miriam the gratitude dance! Admit it, it makes you smile!

Miriam trying to act like she knows how to play that "thing" (I don't even know what it's called - baby guitar?)

Mimi & I raided Kristi's desk and had an impromptu concert. I think we were singing Jingle Bells. Oh my, what a day! (Look at her face!)

Very unimpressive post but lots of fun!!!

This is why I brought a stack of work home with me tonight.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Facebook is good for finding old friends

Saturday evening Mike & I met our old neighbors, Terry and Lauren from Maplewood at Sea Island. It was so great to see her and catch up on life. They moved to Austin in 1991 and we lost touch with them. I always thought of her and wanted to find her. When I got a Facebook account, she was one of the first people I looked up. I found her daughter Lauren and she got Terry & I hooked up. We used to sit out front and watch the kids play or they would come over and play in our back yard. Good neighbors are a blessing and Terry was an excellent one. We have been talking back and forth for awhile and she and Lauren were coming to town for the Billy Joel / Elton John concert so we met for dinner. I'm so glad we got to do that! Lauren is such a sweet girl - you did an excellent job, Terry! Remember, we are going to get together when you are on summer break. If you can't come here we will meet half way OK?
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Girl's Night

I was online a while back and I came across a catalog for a stamp and paper company called Close To My Heart. I think I am developing a serious addiction to paper and I fell in love with theirs. I found a really sweet girl named Julie that sells it and called her up to set up a home demo. Last time I did this just 2 people showed up so I didn't expect much knowing scrapbooking and stamping isn't everyone's thing. Well quite a crowd of friends showed up and we had a fun time. You can see below everyone is hard at work making a cute gift bag out of an envelope of all things.

If we tied Sandy's hands behind her back, she wouldn't be able to talk!

Irma being a brave girl, trying her hand at card making. She did an excellent job!

Shirley learning something important, I'm sure.

Pebbles was feeling a little neglected and was waiting patiently for someone to love on her.