Sunday, March 22, 2009

Facebook is good for finding old friends

Saturday evening Mike & I met our old neighbors, Terry and Lauren from Maplewood at Sea Island. It was so great to see her and catch up on life. They moved to Austin in 1991 and we lost touch with them. I always thought of her and wanted to find her. When I got a Facebook account, she was one of the first people I looked up. I found her daughter Lauren and she got Terry & I hooked up. We used to sit out front and watch the kids play or they would come over and play in our back yard. Good neighbors are a blessing and Terry was an excellent one. We have been talking back and forth for awhile and she and Lauren were coming to town for the Billy Joel / Elton John concert so we met for dinner. I'm so glad we got to do that! Lauren is such a sweet girl - you did an excellent job, Terry! Remember, we are going to get together when you are on summer break. If you can't come here we will meet half way OK?
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Anonymous said...

awwwww...this is sooooo sweet. Saturday was a great time...but my craving for shrimp salad has resurrected now, so what am I gonna do? Ditto on the great neighbor! I treasure the memories of getting to know ya'll on Maplewood. I didn't recall the shirt made of dollar bills...but thanks for jogging my memory on that one. Facebook is awesome. (: