Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dr. Matt

Matthew is currently working on his EMT certification and he is always coming over with some sort of medical gadget and rattles off medical jargon like a seasoned professional. He asked me tonight if he could start an IV on me! (Guess what my answer was?)

Tonight he came over to do laundry and pulled out his latest treasure. He purchased a medical bag for his jeep that is stocked full of goodies so he can save a life if necessary while on the road. He is having a great time and has decided to continue on to get his Paramedic certification as well. I tell him he should be an RN but he does not agree. (Still wanting to be a DEA guy.) I also think Dr Neel has a nice ring to it!

What's missing in this picture?

Today I was out of the office running an errand up to the admin building when I saw that Tiny Tots had their pumpkin patch set up where they take pictures of all the kids. I have always loved the set up that they create for the photos and decided this year I was going to get my buddies in the business office to join me for a photo. By the time everyone got a spare minute and we went over there all the pumpkins were gone! There were 4 lonely bales of hay and that was it. The parents and kids were leaving for the day and each of them was leaving with one of "our" pumpkins. So needless to say, our pumpkin patch photo is missing the very important pumpkins. Darlene, Miriam and myself smiled for the camera anyway. Next year we will get an earlier start. Snow day is in December!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I won't be handing candy out to trick or treaters this year. I know that sounds like I am a grump but I already have candy bags for our little neighbor kids. I will go visit them around dinner time to deliver the goodies then come home, turn off the porch lights and head upstairs to watch a movie and piddle around in the scrapbook room. Mike & Hayley will both be working so it will just be me & the doggie at home. Sounds like a nice evening to me! I didn't forget my own 2 goblins. I made these cute little "Boo Buckets" and filled them with candy. They were fun to make but I decided....I need a Cricut!! :) ~~I am accepting donations.