Saturday, August 23, 2008

Well, ......I had fun!

I am gradually getting my feet wet with this scrapboooking thing. My room is shaping up nicely but I have decided I have to organize all my loose photos before I start another project. My photo sorting boxes should be here early next week. There is so much I want to make! Cheryl is in Florida right now for a Scrappers Dream Vacation. She went alone last year and had a blast. This year she met friends there. She has called me several times to tell me how much fun she is having (despite Hurricane Faye) and keeps telling me I have got to go next year. She also told me she needs an extra suitcase to bring back everything I asked her to buy for me! I just might go next year!

Today I borrowed my little friend Luke and we went to Scrapbook 911 for a "Mommy & Me" class. I had a blast and I am thankful Luke tolerated me long enough to make a cute clipboard mini album for his Mommy & Daddy. I forgot to take a picture of the finished product but I think we did nice work. The big highlight for him was to go to Wal-Mart after we finished to buy a Star Wars action figure. (I am not against bribery to get what I want!) I would call the day a success, we both got what we wanted. I got a buddy to scrapbook with and he got a new Star Wars toy. I ran into Robbie Kothmann while we were checking out & we decided to meet up soon for a Friday Night Crop. She told me a couple of other Concordia ladies go over there as well.

Here is Luke right before we started the project. We had to turn the apron inside out because there was a flower on the front & boys don't do flowers!

You can see how thrilled he is to have his Star Wars Clone! I just can't understand why he wasn't that excited to scrapbook! ~ Go Figure.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Moving Day

Today Matthew moved from his NW Side apartment with 2 roommates to a new apartment with no roommates. It is about 4 miles from us so he claims we will see him more but we will see if he keeps his promise. Just as he picked up the U-Haul today, the sky opened up and rained HARD! He and 3 friends managed to load up the truck without his furniture getting too wet. He asked if I could buy him a set of dishes so I ran by HEB Plus and got him a nice set of Corelle dishes, ............a set of flatware, glasses, serving utensils, knives, paper products, cleaning products and a few groceries. I got a little carried away! He was very appreciative. He is excited about his new home and I am happy for him.