Saturday, October 25, 2008

Two thumbs up

Mike and I have been on an unofficial "boycott" of Hollywood. By that, I mean we rarely go to movie theatres these days because much of Hollywood is so left-wing and they use their fame as a platform to cram their radical views down America's throat. We appreciate one's right to their own opinion but don't appreciate one's opinion being forced on us. We sometimes go see something we just can't wait to see on tv but we can usually wait until they come out on cable.

Now let me get off my soapbox and tell you about the movie of the year. Fireproof was created by the same people that made "Facing the Giants" (another EXCELLENT view). We both loved it but should have brought a box of Kleenex with us. Go see it before it leaves the theatre and be sure you take your sweetie with you!

A fun evening

Stampin Up has caught my attention!

Last evening Carrie & Beth Ann came over for a fun evening of scrappin'. Tami Brown showed us some of her neat products and we made a variation of the paper bag album that she designed. We all had a good time. I wish I would have taken pic of Carrie and Beth Ann's albums because they came out great! We were going to have Hayley take a picture of all 4 of us but we were so engrossed in our project that we forgot. We are very serious about our crafting!!

Cheryl, You will like this one. I will bring it next time I come over. I am just crazy about mini albums!
We made a cool binding out of card stock. She scored it and used the awesome crop a dile tool to punch the holes. You should have seen Carrie when Tami was showing us how it worked. Carrie had a priceless smile on her face and blurted out "I bought that! But I never took it out of the package!" You had to be there to appreciate the sheer joy on her face, it was just priceless and so cute.