Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy 90th Auntie Jean

Saturday we met at Tomatillo's to surprise Mike's Auntie Jean for her 9oth birthday. I personally don't think it's a great idea to surprise someone who is 90 years old but Jeannie handled it all just fine. She shed a few tears but quickly joined us for a fun afternoon with family we just don't get to see enough of. She even had 2 margaritas!

These are all the cousin's kids. and one grand kid that snuck in the photo.
Mike's sister, Debbie & her husband Bron.

Matthew & Brent. These two are trouble!

Paula helping her mama in for the big surprise. She cried when she realized it was a party for her.

Mason, giving his Nana (great grandma) a birthday kiss.

The Neels

Jeannie, the only living sibling with her daughter, Paula and her nieces & nephews

Me & my boy, Matthew

Debbie reading Jeannie her cards. She was just over whelmed!

Me & my man!

Jeannie & Paul. They are so sweet!

Auntie Jean, Norman (Mike's cousin) & Debbie

This cake was terrific! One layer for each decade and 90 candles. She managed to blow them all out (really)!

Wearing the Tomatillo's sombrero while we sang happy birthday.

Getting a hand back to her seat after all that work blowing out the candles.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ballerinas and Bears

I really like how this page came out. I saw the cute little bear months ago while blog stalking (as I like to call it). I fell in love with her but didn't save the location. Rachel sent these great pictures she took of her 2 little ballerinas, Savannah & little sister Adelyn. I knew the little bear belonged with these pictures. I searched forever before finding the cutie again. It is from Jill's Paper Jems, she creates paper piecing patterns. I got the pdf from her and the rest is history. I just loved cutting out the little girl and making her cute outfit. (drawing her eyes was a scary event) You will be seeing more of her, I am sure -dressed differently of course! I framed it and gave it to TJ to deliver for me. Rachel called today to tell me she really likes it. Whew!

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