Thursday, March 5, 2009

Celebrate Recovery

A lot of you know Celebrate Recovery is my ministry. It is a Christ centered 12-step program for ANYONE with a hurt, habit or hang up. (I think that covers the entire population) - I really believe there is something in this program for everyone. A common misconception is that it is only for people who are addicted to alcohol, drugs, sex or the "usual" addictions we hear about in secular 12-step programs. For, me it has been an opportunity to deal with past hurts and current unhealthy behaviors. During this process my relationship with Jesus Christ has become much more personal. I am learning to turn control over to God and lean on His promises.

A couple of times a year we have special music nights. Tonight, Greg Coplen came with his band to share his testimony and awesome music all written by him. They were so great and his testimony provided me with the reminder I sometimes need that God is always there. I am the one who hides from Him. All I have to do is reach out and He will take my hand every time I ask him to. But I have to ask! A line in one of his beautiful songs says "God am I, just a step away from going crazy? God are You, just a prayer away from coming to save me? Cause I’m lost, I’m lost." Although I still struggle and have the occasional set back (or relapse in 12-step terms) I am very thankful I am no longer lost. God found me long before I even knew about Him. What an awesome truth!

Come see us on Thursday nights at Concordia or Click here to find a Celebrate Recovery near you. It is a safe place.

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New Mini Album & Lunch

Last night I stayed up late making a paper bag mini album for Nicole's pregnancy. I titled it "GREAT EXPECTATIONS". I am pleased with the way it came out & I think she liked it. I tried to get over to give it to her early but Darlene & Jesse were in meetings until noon & I couldn't leave. Poor Nicole was so hungry and wanted to eat. Jesse got a rare and fabulous idea to take Darlene & I to lunch so we suggested Nicole come along. Darlene & I swung around the front and picked Nicole up - she looked so cute with her little belly starting to pooch out I had to take a picture of her.
Here is the album I made with 4 paper lunch bags. I staggered them and cut them to size. There are 3 pockets for pictures and journaling. I set up several spots for pitures.

I made a calendar and circled her due date and titled it. "Coming soon to a hospital near you!"
One of my favorite pages is for her to put a sonogram picture on. The caption says
"There's love in my belly!"

Posted by Picasa She was so sweet and posed for a photo for me. Isn't she a pretty girl?

Jesse being a total goof ball. He is such a great boss - I am so blessed!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

We are proud of our boy Matthew

Our son Matthew has recently moved home. This is a good thing and Mike & I are happy to help him out and know he is coming home with a plan.

Matthew started college in the fall of 2005. His freshman year was a bit of a party but we all know that happens sometimes. He ultimately ended up in San Antonio with a couple of roommates. He has been working full time as well as serving in the Army Reserves on top of attending UTSA full time. He is currently working towards a Criminal Justice degree. Law Enforcement is something Matthew has always had an interest in and it seemed natural for him to pursue.

A funny thing happened along the way. Matthew's full time job was a 911 dispatcher for a company that services Bexar County and other areas that do not have their own 911 systems. He took to it very quickly and always had a story to tell. Some funny but many were very sad. Shortly after he was released to take calls alone. He took a call that I believe changed his life. Just a few seconds into the call Matthew realized he was talking to the brother of a close friend of his that was waiting for a kidney transplant. The brother came home and found him dead in their home. For some reason, God decided Matthew was to take that call. I will never forget his call to me when he told me what happened. A mother never wants to hear that kind of pain in her child's voice. He said he handled the call well and then told his supervisor what had happened. I was very concerned about him after that day but he dusted himself off and went on to work in the dispatch office for several more months. I visited him at work once and he welcomed me to the room that "sucks the life out of you". I personally have no idea how someone can do that job - I would be so bad at it. He soon applied for another job with the company and was transferred to a local hospital to handle ambulance transports from the facility. He has enjoyed the job and they love having him around. While working at the hospital, he has been exposed to many aspects of the health care field and it has sparked a new interest. He put his bachelors degree on hold for a bit and went to school to be an EMT. This semester he is working towards being a Paramedic. We sometimes laugh when we talk about Matthew ending up in the medical field. Never in a million years would I have guessed this. It just shows how mighty God is. He will point us in the direction He wants us to go. I am proud of Matthew for identifying this and moving towards something he enjoys. He is still at the hospital but picks up extra shifts on an ambulance as much as possible and stays very busy.

He sometimes gets a little frustrated because a lot of his friends will be graduating this year but we tell him not to get discouraged and stay focused. While he is at home he hopes to pay off some loans and decide if he wants to continue working towards the Criminal Justice major when he returns to UTSA in the fall.

Keep up the good work, Matthew, we are very proud. We love you and thank God for such a great son!

I had to snap a few pictures as he was heading out last night. Yes, I am proud of him.
Doesn't he look thrilled?

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Happy Birthday Bron

It is not very easy making guy cards. Most men don't care for all the embellishments that make scrapbooking and card making fun. No bows, buttons, rhinestones, flowers or pretty colors. I wanted to make a card for Bron with the items I had on hand. This is what I came up with. I think he will like it, it's a manly as a card can get. Have I told you lately that this is fun?
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