Thursday, January 14, 2010

Moving Day Card

I made this Moving Day card for someone special that God entrusted Mike and I to raise for the last 18 years, 4 months and one day (who's counting?). I am one heart broken mama as I finally quit begging and even bribing our youngest child to stay "just a while longer".  She is so eager to get out there and spread her wings and start a life for herself. "Hard-headed", "determined" or "stubborn"  may have been used to describe my wonderful Hayley once or twice but I trust that she will be fine. Recently however, I am the one I've had concerns about. I am really hurting! I am working very hard at turning my beautiful child over to God and trusting His plan for her life. I truly believe God has great things in store for my Hayley. I know the more productive thing for me to do is to pray for her safety and that this step into indepedence strengthens her relationsip with Jesus.

I put a little care package together for her and made the card to go inside.   Pebbles had to sit on my lap while I made it. Dog fuzz and tears just made it that much better!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Scrap Card

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I made a promise to myself that I am going to make a serious effort not to buy any retail items before "shopping" in my scrapbook room. I have been a good girl and the only purchase I have made is one Riley Moose Valentine stamp and I can't wait till he gets here! Anyway, back to my commitment ....It isn't going too swift so far but I won't get discouraged. I need to clean and organize this week so I can get a visual inventory and I think it will be better after that. I am going to crop this weekend and I have 9 cookie recipe books to make from our Christmas Cookie Exchange and they will be made entirely from items I already have. This will be a challege! The card above is made from scraps and it is ehhh, OK.  It looks like a valentine but I will use it tomorrow for an anniversary card for my awesome husband Mike. 1-11-10 is our 24th anniversary. I could scribble "I love you" on a piece of scratch paper and he would save it forever so he will certainly be pleased with this.  I am a blessed girl!