Thursday, October 30, 2008

What's missing in this picture?

Today I was out of the office running an errand up to the admin building when I saw that Tiny Tots had their pumpkin patch set up where they take pictures of all the kids. I have always loved the set up that they create for the photos and decided this year I was going to get my buddies in the business office to join me for a photo. By the time everyone got a spare minute and we went over there all the pumpkins were gone! There were 4 lonely bales of hay and that was it. The parents and kids were leaving for the day and each of them was leaving with one of "our" pumpkins. So needless to say, our pumpkin patch photo is missing the very important pumpkins. Darlene, Miriam and myself smiled for the camera anyway. Next year we will get an earlier start. Snow day is in December!


Carrie said...

Y'all still look cute. I'll be looking forward to snow day.

Nicole said...

Pumpkin or not, y'all still look fabulous!