Thursday, March 11, 2010

You Are One in a Buzzillion

I have been making lots of Thank You cards lately. So many have reached out to me and my family during my brother's illness and my father's death. I am one blessed girl! My sister asked me to make a card for her  to give to someone special to her. The front reads "you are one in a buzzillion". It is a Stampin Up hand me down from my buddy Susan.Thanks girlfriend.  Like I said, I am blessed!
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Today's blessings:

  • A wonderful night's sleep

  • A ride to work even though I was without a car. Thanks Marty!

  • Glorious weather

  • Productive day at work

  • Jody's safe arrival back at school after almost 6 months in the hospital

1 comment:

Susan D in San Antonio said...

I love the creative ideas you have for flowers. This is one cute card!