Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Quest To Be Healthy

Today I took a big step. I joined Weight Watchers! Well, writing about it is an even bigger step but I can't keep it a secret....you know that accountibility thing.  As surprised as you may be, I'm not getting any younger and the weight is piling on. I won't lie and say "I have no idea why I am fat!" I know exactly why I am over weight. From eating yummy gooey foods that go down easy and sitting on my big butt. I need to take some life changing steps and get moving while I can still move. My health is good but it won't stay that way for long if I don't make some changes.

After doing some research, Weight Watchers seems to be the best every day eating plan and one that would teach me the most about making some lifetime changes. I am doing the online  program so I won't be attending meetings. As far as the exercise is concerned, I love to walk so I will be working it into my day and go from there.  Wish me luck (although I don't believe in luck). Heck, this is prayer worthy, so say a prayer that I am sucessful in my journey to better health.   Here I Go!!!!!!!!!!

Today's Blessings:
  • Beautiful weather
  • hearing "I love you" from my family
  • Co -workers that I love
  • A good visit with Jody 


Sandy said...

I am praying for you my friend. Concordia has that nice "trail"/drive-thru path that I have run on before waiting to pick up the girls. Maybe you could take a 15 minute break around 2:45 or so a couple days a week and we could walk it:-)

Nicole said...

I hear WW is awesome! Let me know how you like it! I will pray for you and I'm so glad you're taking this step. You're inspiring me.

Missed you yesterday!

Susan D in San Antonio said...

Proud of you, girlfriend! Praying for success and God's daily motivation to keep you focused.