Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm Still Kickin'

Let me see, life has been rather busy lately so the only scrapping I have done is in my mind. I started getting a cold last Monday and by Thursday I was coughing my head off. Thursday morning me and 42 of my best sister's in Christ headed up to beautiful Kerrville to set up for the Women's Fall STARS retreat. 37 women arrived that evening and then the fun began! We spent 3 long action packed days getting closer to Christ. What a great experience it was (again)!! I love this ministry so much!

By the time we got home, my sinuses were beginning to hurt and I had an awful kink in my neck. I called the doc yesterday and went to see her. She gave me a good shot of steroids and an antibiotic. I am feeling so much better. I am trying to stay on the "down low" so I can get rid of this.
Unfortunately I haven't been home before 10:00 all week. Some rest will do me good.

I hope to get rested and healthy and do some more scrapping and posting in the next few days. Wish me luck!


The Scrapbooking Factory said...

You need to take care of youself! Try to get some sleep! Hope you can make it this weekend if not than we will see you soon!


Cheryl said...

You take care of yourself! Hugz!

Nicole said...

Get well soon, robyn! amelia wants you to hold her!