Friday, September 18, 2009

Graduation Album for Carol

I made this album for Carol, our foreign exchange student from Brazil that lived with us in 2000. She is a beautiful girl as you can see by the pictures. She also has a beautiful heart. It was very difficult for her to be away from her home but she wanted to experience our culture and strengthen her ability to speak English. She always had a smile on her face and kept her chin up on the days she was missing home. I wasn't always as kind to her as I wanted to be. It was a very difficult time in my life. My Mother became ill and died while Carol was here and she was a huge help to Mike and I and the kids.  I know it was difficult for her being so far away from home and experiencing my mothers death. I'm sure it made her miss her mother even more. She returned again a couple of years later with both of her parents and a group from church. They were here for the LCMS National Youth gathering and stopped for a few days in SanAntonio. It was neat to have her back for a  visit and to meet her mom and dad.  Carol turned 27 last month and graduated from law school a year ago. She sent us some photos and I had them printed and put an 8x8 album together for her.

I left the journaling spots blank for her to write what she chooses on them.

I also left some blank pages for her to add her own photos or possibly an invitation or program .

Carol, I know you read my blog....I will be putting this in the mail the first week of October. (I have to take it to show it to a friend.) Act real surprised when it arrives!! I am sorry it took so long but I hope it was worth the wait. I love you and hope to see you again one day soon.


Carrie said...

It's a beautiful album. I'm sure she will love it, because it was made with so much love.

Cheryl said...

You did such a beautiful job on that album. Carol wll cherish it! :)

Sandy said...

That is beautiful. You did a great job.

The Scrapbooking Factory said...

Thats so pretty! I love that line from BoBunny!

Carol Strelow said...

Oh my!!! I LOVE it!!!! Can't wait to see it here!!! Thank you Robyn, that is SO special! You say I`m a good photographer and make me an album? You really know how to make a girl happy! =D