Saturday, June 20, 2009

Night in Downtown San Antonio

Last Wednesday night Matthew talked Hayley & I into a trip downtown to see the newly opened extension of the riverwalk. I believe it was 102 degrees that day so I wasn't too eager. But since Mike was sleeping and going to work in a few hours I agreed. We started out by having dinner at Josephine St. Cafe. If you haven't ever had a meal there, you should. It is nothing fancy but they have excellent steaks. There is always a coupon in the Entertainment Book so it is a reasonable meal. Then we drove next door to the old Pearl Brewery and parked there. They are renovating that area so nicely and it makes me happy to see some of the buildings I remember from childhood getting new life. We parked there and walked right down the stairs to the riverwalk. Now, for those of you that are from San Antonio, don't think it is anything like our famous stretch of river with restaurants & shops. It is so pure and clean, I love it. People were riding bikes, walking dogs and sitting on benches enjoying the beautiful night. It was amazing how cool & breezy it was! The kids did give me a hard time because they said I had to say "hello" to every person that passed us. I have no idea why they have a problem with that, I have always been that way and see no reason to change at this point in life. It was a fun evening. We got home just in enough time for me to pour Mike some coffee & kiss him goodnight. I want to take him next time.

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My cute kids.
Lots of neat artsy type features line the banks. This is the top of a waterfall/cave feature. I took the kid's picture (above) inside it but it was too dark to pick it up well.
These sunfish lights are under the IH35 bridge. You need to see them in person to appreciate the art. They sway in the wind and are like nothing else I have seen in our Fiesta oriented city. This is also the location that the Mexican Free Tail Bats fly out of at 8:45 pm. We missed that but I wasn't sad. If you've seen one bat you've seen them all.
We will be taking this in again soon. From what I understand it will eventually extend further north to the zoo. The Pearl Brewery has recently started having a Farmers Market on Saturdays and several friends have said it is worth a visit. Condos and office space are in the works.
Good job San Antonio. I am happy to see a pet & family friendly environment where people can take a peaceful walk and not worry about the congestion and chaos that has taken place in our city. We do hope you have restrooms planned for the new future down there though!