Friday, May 8, 2009

My future business partner

I spent the evening with a little friend that I haven't seen since she was a little baby. The Kee's were our favorite across the street neighbors for a few short years but moved to Houston when Kellie was a baby & her brother Robbie wasn't even in school yet. Then they moved even further away to Naperville, Illinois. I have missed seeing the kids grow and have missed their parents, Lea & Jim as well. Shortly after Christmas I was happy to hear Jim's work brought him back to San Antonio. I know Naperville had become home for them but they were happy to be close to family again. Lea told me Kellie, now a 2nd grader is quite artistic & would enjoy spending some time with me making something. They came over tonight and after we visited for a while we sent Lea off to HEB so Kellie & I could collaborate on what to make with the great pictures she brought with her. This design was all Kellie & very fitting to her personality. Bright & sparkley!
We had a great time! We decided to make a mini album with some cardboard coasters I picked up (with permission) at Chili's last week. Since it was our first we made a few mistakes but were pretty pleased with the overall outcome. First off, either punch the holes on the side or flip the pictures before punching the holes so the Kee's aren't standing on their head.

We decided we are so good together that we are going into the mini scrapbook business. She has already picked her title. Director of Sparkles. She is my kind of girl, she loves sparkles!

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Carrie said...

Very cute! When you business grows enough to need an accoutant, let me know.

Kellie said...

I had fun! Let's do it again soon!