Saturday, February 21, 2009

Encouragement Card / Get Well Card

Here are two cards I made today. The first is for a friend who has had a tough time lately. I just wanted her to know she is in my prayers. It looks simple because that is what I am capable of right now. I had awesome visions of doing some embossing on the flap but I broke my tool for doing that. - Bummer... It was my first time using it too. :(

I made my own rub on for the "Just checking in on you". I typed it in word and printed a mirror image on a transparency sheet. As soon as it printed (quickly before it dried) I carefully placed the image on the card and rubbed it gently so the image would transfer on the card. I was kind of impressed! I just wiped the transparency with a paper towel and it can be used again. I will try this trick again soon.
The inside sentiment was just printed in Word with a little trick my friend Cheryl taught me.

I have another friend that has a sick puppy and they are very worried about him. I understand their concern and wanted to make him a little Get Well Soon card. It was fun to make. I used a piece of ribbon for his comforter on the front. I got a little spot of glue on it that of course I am obsessing over. I might put little dog bone over it or let it pass for doggie drool.

Thanks for going along with me in my learning adventure in the land of card making. It's fun! Come over and hang out in my Girl Cave and we can be creative together!
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Andrew said...

Very impressive

Sandy said...

You are very creative Robyn. Hallmark beware.

Nicole said...

Those all look amazing! I'm going to start calling your Robyn Hallmark Neel!