Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What a Weekend!

Last weekend was our 2008 Women's S.T.A.R.S. retreat. I served on team with 38 other women. We spent many weeks planning and the big event finally rolled around last Thursday through Sunday. Women of all ages come together for a spiritual experience that will hopefully change their lives. S.T.A.R.S. is our version of the Catholic A.C.T.S. retreat or Methodist Walk to Emmaus. When I attended 2 years ago, I left with a much deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and have never been quite the same. I must admit, I was nervous about serving on team because I knew what a huge commitment it was but I jumped in with both feet and am so happy I did. I learned the blessing of serving others is so HUGE and the experience is one I won't soon forget. Because we want the experience to be a surprise for all who attend, I was limited to the photos I was able to take. -Besides the fact I was almost always too busy to snap a shot! I got a few great shots of some of the amazing women who served along side me. If you have never been, you may want to consider it. I promise you will be blessed. The men are having their retreat in November and the women are having another one in May. Let me know and I will get you signed up. :)

Robyn C., Pam, Stacey & Laney outside our rooms. I am happy to share my name with someone as wonderful as Robyn Cooper! It was a beautiful weekend. Thank you, God!

Pam, Nicole (being silly) and Veronica loading the truck. - Yes, we did all the work ourselves! Pink Power!! This is the anniversary of the day Veronica wears pink. I think you look great in pink Veronica!

Ellen being a total goof ball. She is "stuck" in a spider web!! It has been many years since Ellen and I have worked together (we used to be room mothers together) and I was so happy to reconnect with her this past weekend.

My roomie Beth Ann (one of my favorite people) getting some help from Pam with her luggage. I reminded her we were only staying for the weekend. Look at all that stuff! Pam doesn't only help people who try to carry to much, she is a beautiful example of a constant, faithful servant of Jesus Christ.

Karen being totally cool and obviously unaware I was taking her photo! I love you Karen!

My role model, Marsha, Nicole and Karen hard at work. Nicole always has a beautiful smile on her face.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet posting to all of your sisters In Christ! I know you had to have been totally and wonderfully surprised with what your sweet Haley did for you

It was such an awesome experience to be a retreatant with you in year one of stars; another treat to serve with you last year; and this year has been yet another blessing of another kind, being able to serve side by side with you!

Our babies were buddies in the early years. You knitted those beaded socks that I had to constantly wash because Taylor wanted to wear them every day! I gladly did it because she would wear them dirty if I didn't. Ha!

ROBIN, YOU are connected to my soul! Even if you ask me to pose for a goofy picture and then post it on your blog


Nicole said...

I had so much fun with you and with the rest of the girls. We are truly blessed! Friendships are precious but when they are held together and centered around Christ, they are sooo much more powerful. Yep, we're blessed! Love ya, Robyn!