Thursday, October 2, 2008

Crafting always makes a bad day better

My sweet husband came by work today and slipped me two $50 bills and told me to buy something for myself. I had a very stressful day and I knew just what would make me feel better. SCRAPBOOKING STUFF! I stopped by Target on my way home and picked up some storage for my ever growing paper collection and went to scrapbook 911 and got a few things to finish up a project I have been working on for baby Jayla.

I locked myself in the room and didn't come out until it was in tip top order. I have all of my photos from the last 25 years categorized in boxes (I didn't do all of that tonight) and sorted through all my supplies while watching the VP debate on TV. I have some before and after pictures that really don't do the room justice but you can see I got a lot done!
My disaster of a closet before:
And after. You can't see all the photo storage boxes I have on the side. That is what took the most time. (Not the fun part.)
While I was in the process of organizing my photos.
Below is what I accomplished tonight. I do need one more table and a better chair to make it super comfortable. I have everything to start on my Christmas cards (big job) and am working on a family Christmas gift. It's nice to know I now have a place to go hide when I've had a bad day.


Carrie said...

Your room looks great! Kudos for getting the photos organized. I started that project, but it was interrupted for baby quilts, curtains, and life. Yesterday, I finished my first scrapbook of our trip to China. It took over a year (in between other projects), but I think it was worth the effort.

Nicole said...

Your room looks awesome. Mike is so great. What a perfect and crafts. It really does soothe the soul. Hope today is better! I'm at home today, by the way.

Cheryl said...

I love your room! You are getting so organized ... I'm impressed. Isn't it soothing to go to your own scrapbooking room and lose yourself in a project. Just wait and you'll have the room filled with scrapbooking goodies in no time ... ha. Looking forward to scrappin' with you soon.