Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursdays are looong days!

Thursday is a day that I usually dread but ends up being so fulfilling for me. Mike and I try to start Thursday by meeting for a cup of coffee in the morning. Since he works nights we don't get to see each other as much as we would like to so our short mornings together are a great way to start my day. He works so hard these days that I sometimes wonder if he is trying to kill himself before retirement! He has worked for HEB for almost 37 years and we both look forward to the day that he can say "so-long" to driving a truck and we can call the mountains of Colorado home.

After our coffee date I head to work for a full day at Concordia, then at 5:00 I start my volunteer work for Celebrate Recovery. CR is my very favorite ministry. It is a Christ centered 12-step program for anyone with a hurt, habit or hang up. Many people have the misconception that CR is only for people with addictions. It is that and so much more! There is something in this program for everybody and I pray it continues to grow at Concordia. I have met some true friends at CR and we are a family. We open the kitchen for dinner at 5:45 (tonight we had a cookout). It is a great time to fellowship. At 7:00 we have large group worship in the Sanctuary with great music and teaching by one of our gifted pastors. We then break up into small share groups for an hour and then all meet back for coffee at Solid Rock Cafe afterwards. I don't get home until almost 10:00 but I always feel so good after an evening at CR. I am closer to God than I have ever been and I have learned so much about forgiveness. I have also learned that "recovery" is a life long process and I won't be finished until the day I face Jesus Christ. If you'd like to come sometime, just let me know!

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Nicole said...

Your posts are awesome, Robyn! I'm really enjoying your blog!!