Friday, August 8, 2008

Dinner for 8

This year we started a Dinner for 8 Group -we call it "Eight is Enough". We didn't do it through church because it was sort of a last minute thought. Mike & I have dinner monthly (except when all our schedules are too full) with 3 of our favorite couples. Stacy & Carrie Bond, Juergen & Becky Olson and Robert & Karen Rickman. We rotate homes and have an absolute blast. Juergen & Becky cooked an authentic German feast that reminded me of dinner at Grandma's house. As you can see in the photo, Channel, their adorable doggie loves Dinner for 8. I keep telling JO that I am going to put her in my pocket and take her home! Stacy & Carrie wowed us with a Chinese family style banquet complete with dishes they ate while in China for Hannah's adoption. (Stacy missed most of the meal because he was working so hard cooking!). We had a Mexican FIESTA! at the Rickman's house. Karen's decorations were gorgeous. The food & margaritas were just perfect. When we hosted, Mike & I prepared Beef Wellington, potatoes & salad with pears & feta cheese. Robert brought enough wine from the store to satisfy the whole neighborhood. It is our turn to host again. We have so much fun I know the menu doesn't matter but everyone set the bar so high with their first meals, I'm already trying to come up with just the right thing to make. (I will get bigger photos next time.) I gotta go, I'm hungry!


Nicole said...

What a fun group! Hey, i have an about corn dogs and mac and cheese. What? Doesn't everyone like that stuff? Ha Ha!

Carrie said...

Heh...we are a classy group. It it's mac and cheese the cheese better be gouda! :)

Robyn said...

Mac & cheese is good! Beenie weenies was my first choice though. I know Carrie will have just the right wine to go with it!