Friday, August 5, 2011

A Bumble Bee For A Baby Boy

A sweet friend is having her first baby any day now and I have been meaning to deliver this night light for William's room for sometime. I thought if I posted a picture of it, she will probably see it and then I can't drag my feet any more! It is stinkin heavy! His room is bumble bees and light green. I thought this would be a nice addition. I put the light in the top so she can use it as a bank later if they like. It is big - 9"x 9" (did I mention heavy?) and I backed it with a pretty green paper - the photo doesn't show that very well. I hope L-J likes it!

I have finally started working on goodies to take to Florida next month. Those are top secret...I will post those pictures after the big trip. I'm getting excited!

Peace and Pretty Paper,

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scrappinlil said... did a fabulous job on this nightlight/ bank....I love the idea and the green paper in the background gives it alittle something. Love the bee and the little flying swirl behind him...very cute..she will absolutely love it. TFS