Monday, September 7, 2009

A few fun memories from Disney - Part III

I had so much fun in Florida it has taken me 3 posts to get it all in and I am sure there is plenty more but this will be it! This post will focus on the 3 fun filled days we spent at The Contemporary Resort for the 11th Annual Sunshine State SDV® at Walt Disney World. This was my first time and I surely hope to return next year. Of course the best part of the whole event was spending time with 3 great Christian women. We had such a good time! Let me see if I can recap a few of my favorite moments. Click on any of the photos to get a better view.

  • The great shirts Cheryl Made for the four of us. We had one for each day (yellow was MY favorite). They were a huge hit with everyone. We had our picture taken so many times because They were that awesome. Cheryl is the rock star of the Cricut!

    • Jackie's great laugh and sharing meals with her!

    • Tiaras - Yes, we were scrapbook royalty for 3 days. All four of us had our own unique tiara and we wore them proudly! Mine is sitting safely on a shelf in my scrapbook room. Whenever I need a pick me up I know where to find it. It is magic!

    • Making new friends. I met so many great ladies from all over and look forward to seeing them again next year. Cheryl's friends from Florida are all so sweet (and beautiful)! It was also great to get new ideas from them as well.

    • Wren making a wall around herself so she could finish a last minute surprise gift for us.

    • STICKLES! - Need I say more? Click on the photo to go to the Ranger website.

    • The vendors at the crop. Most were super nice and when it got late and they wanted to leave for the evening, they left a clipboard for you to write down what you took while they were away. Pretty awesome set up!

    • Having breakfast with Mickey & his friends Friday morning.

    • Having a gift at my table each day from Cheryl, Wren & Jackie. We had a great time exchanging little gifts that we brought with us. I have some treasures that I will cherish always. I had such a fun time leaving gifts for them as well.

    • My scrapbook suitcase weighed in at 49.6 lbs when I checked it in at the S.A. Airport and the limit is 50 lbs. I held my breath after packing to come home and it weighed in at 50 lbs! It was crazy how many HEAVY bags we had. Thankfully 2 bags (50 lbs or under) fly free on Southwest Airlines.

    • Jackie's "SPOOKY" wordbook boo-boo. She made the cutest little books for her kids and I let her use my Bind-it-All to put it together. I asked Cheryl to help her since she has more experience with them than I do. Something went wrong and Cheryl put the "s" on and very carefully punched it. The darn thing punched crooked and Jackie was so sweet about it ruining her "s". We laughed so hard trying to correct the
      mistake. Cheryl was in tears and Jackie had to cross her legs (again). Luckily she was able to fix it and it turned out wonderfully. I told her "s" stood for SH--! I don't think I got a picture of her albums, they were soo stinkin cute!

    • Doing the YMCA on the last night.

    • Going down in our pajamas to see the Space Shuttle launch. **See Memories Part I

    • Cheryl waking up in the middle of the night and saying "What happened?" and having no memory of it the next morning.

    • Wren realizing at about 10:00 at night that she had her pants on backwards all day.

    • I made my first complete album at the crop! Yeehaw!

    • Seeing the Magic Kingdom from our room balcony and being able to watch the fireworks at night.

    • Hot Flashes - ugh! Thank goodness for the mini fans. We laughed our way through them though.

    • Glowing martinis and the fun you can have with the ice cubes after the drink is gone.

    • Our quick run by taxi to Wal Mart for Disney shirts and water.

    • Tons of fun & laughs at Mickey's place. Thanks girls, let's do it again next year!


    remus79 said...

    You're blog is so good, I'd read it even if I didn't know you!

    Nicole said...

    You are so cute, Robyn! i'm glad you had a great time! I miss all of you guys but I'm have a blast being at home with Amelia! I am NOT missing work. Is that a sin? Oh well!

    I'll see you soon!