Friday, June 5, 2009

A couple of cards

First card is my version of a card featured on the Cricit Chirp. It is similar to the one posted but has my own touch.

The second is a little out of season but I just came across the picture of my first attempt at making my own Christmas cards. I think I made about 40 before running out of steam.
This is also the card that got me hooked on card making.

I hope to get back to blogging real soon. Life has been busy lately. I was supposed to go to Cheryl's tonight but decided I need to stay home with Hayley tonight - she isn't feeling well. I plan on cleaning my scrapbook room this weekend and that's about it.

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magicwanda said...

Hi Robyn
Glad to see you making some cards...They look great.
And I wish you loads of fun on your up coming trip!!!!
Boy I am sooo ready to go back!
Hugs Wanda

remus79 said...

Love your cards! You go GF!

Sandy said...

You are so talented! We hope that Hayley is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Your Christmas card is on my bulletin board in my craft room!

Susan D.

Carrie said...

Thank you for my card! Your are terrific!

magicwanda said...

Hi robyn
I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy comming to you Blog...though
I never met you ..I really enjoy posts! makes me feel like a part of the Family>>>LOL
I left you something on my Blog
Hugs Wanda