Saturday, April 25, 2009


Not much to blog about going on in my world at the moment. (other than the fact that my left ear is stopped up & I feel like I am losing my mind. But that isn't very interesting) So, I decided to try something new (of course inspired by one or more of the many great blogs I follow). I never have been much for "favorites" so I am going to attempt to list a few of my current "most liked" things in no particular order.

1. H.E.B. Sparkling Water (Peach is the one I drink most - unflavored comes in second) - I really do like this stuff a lot. I drink at least one 32 oz bottle a day. It helps to break up the boredom of plain water and keeps me from wanting to drink sodas. I asked the doc and he said it's just as good for me as plain water. One word of caution: If you buy another brand be sure there is no sodium in it. I noticed some do, which makes my HEB brand even better along with $.50 price tag!

2. Cricut Expression - I have named my little girl Catie. Mike bought it for me for Christmas. Well OK, I bought it and told Mike what he got me. She is such a joy! I love to go to the cricut message boards and see what all the creative people are making and I copy it! Now that I have Design Studio that goes with it I have it hooked up to my laptop and have a blast playing with it. I can make letters in any size I need and cut out all sorts of cute shapes. Catie makes me look good!

3. My Girl Cave - (OK maybe I do have a few favorites.) I never thought I cared much about having my own space. Mike loves his garage & has grand plans for the one he will build in Colorado. When I decorated cakes, of course the kitchen was my spot. When I made jewelry, I set my card table up where ever the kids were playing. Then I decided I wanted to go back to work (what was I thinking?) and my creative side was pretty dead for several years. After Matthew left home, we were left with 2 spare bedrooms upstairs. I set a table up in his old room and started playing around with scrapbooking and other crafts thanks to the encouragement of my friend Cheryl - the scrapping queen. When I came home from a church retreat last year, Hayley had orchestrated a huge room makeover for me. I now have everything I could possibly need to be creative in my girl cave. I just love having my own spot!
*Matthew recently moved back home for "a while" in order to pay off school loans and finish up some training. I informed him his old room is no longer his room, therefore he is staying in the guest bedroom. So if you come to visit us anytime soon we will have to be creative with sleeping arrangements.

4. Technology - I love to learn new things but don't think my brain was wired for this century so I am sometimes very slow at catching on but I love it all! My job allows me to learn all sorts of great new stuff and I drive our IT guys crazy with questions and more questions. I sometimes understand their answers but usually not. I learned pretty much all I know about my job by jumping in with both feet, a lot of prayer and a desire to learn more. I love my Blackberry and am lost without it. I am struggling with the Twitter concept though. I am thinking it is a fad that will (hopefully) pass but according to others that know much more than I, Twitter is the future! Hmm, I just don't feel the love. I will let you know if & when I do.

5. Pedicures - Which reminds me I am in desperate need of one.

6. Almay Smart Shade Foundation -As much as I sometimes hate to admit it, I am getting older and my complexion isn't as even as it used to be. I can put this smart stuff on and it doesn't feel heavy and my skin can breathe. When you squirt it out of the bottle it is an odd grey color but when you smooth it on your face it colors you just enough and looks great. I always buy it when I see a $3 coupon at HEB.

7. Stephanie Plum Novels by Janet Evanovich - Reading novels is something I usually save for vacation because I am so bad about reading all day and getting nothing done. I am now trying to be more disciplined and read a chapter then put it down to do something productive. - I started reading these several years back and stopped at #7. I see she is up to #15 now so I picked up #6 again and hope to keep going. I have no idea how many she is going to write but I would love to see a move about Stephanie Plum and her hilarious adventures. She comes from the "burg", a blue-collar neighborhood in Trenton, New Jersey. The story starts out when Stephanie was laid off from her retail job so she decides to become a bounty hunter and work for her sleazy Uncle Vinny. She knows nothing about being a bounty hunter and gets herself into some real doozies. Her mother and grandmother often get involved in her job as well as her retired prostitute friend Lula. Then there is Joe Morelli & Ranger...............

8. Ralph Rocks by Ralph Lauren - Mother's day and my birthday are right around the corner so feel free to surprise me with this because I am currently out. It is so yummy! Not the usual type of fragrance I usually wear. It has a fresh light slightly citrusy smell to it. It is a great summer fragrance.

That's all for now. I think I am going to go get some dynamite for my ear. Has anyone ever gone crazy from having a plugged up ear? I think I'm on my way.


Polly said...

Love it! I'm slightly jealous of your girl cave and I really want to smell Ralph Rocks!

Carrie said...

Loved your post and the new look, expecially your title. How did you do it? Can you be my technology guru? I'm still upset that it's been a week and Facebook hasn't gotten back to me so that I can post using FB Mobile. I wonder if somehow I have a setting wrong? Who knows? Love you!

Anonymous said...

I like the different looks you use. I also like your thirst for IT knowledge, I don't have the patience.


Anonymous said...

I love pedicures too!
I must remember to check out the Ralph Rocks...if only they sold it at Home Depot or Lowe's. When at the mall Saturday I hardly knew what to do without the hardware aisle to look I have a clear mission. (:
I enjoyed your list and pic of the girl-cave. YOU rocks, girl!

Nicole said...

I love your new layout! So cute. I have been so busy, I havn't been reading blogs for DAYS! I'm catching up right now. At work! Ha!!Hope you're having a great day!