Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Sock Tuesday

Working at a church, it is easy to get so busy making sure everything is done for those we minister to that we sometimes forget to stop, catch our breath and enjoy the season. So, I declared this past Tuesday "Christmas Sock Tuesday" at work. I sent out an email and told everyone to wear their best Christmas socks to our meeting on Tuesday and if they didn't have any to go out and buy some. I sweetened the pot with the promise that prizes would be awarded. There were a few party poopers but for the most part we had a great turn out. TJ & John were the 2 brave men who strutted their stuff with some mighty festive socks. (loved the toe socks Teej!) Rachel, who works from home sent in her entry via email as you can see from the picture above. We won't even talk about Mary's socks!
Pastor & Greg were running late to the meeting so we started the fun after we confirmed neither of them were participating (big surprise!). It took about 15 minutes to model our socks, talk a little trash about whose were the best and give 3 prizes away. (to be fair and avoid hurt foot feelings, we had a drawing for the prizes)

When I pulled the first name out of the hat, I saw John was written on the paper. I just started to say "John", Joy thought I was saying her name and started screaming! I had to disappoint her and tell her it wasn't her. Oddly enough, the next name I pulled out of the hat was Joy! I said her name and she just sat there with a blank look on her face. It was too funny. As you can see we had a good laugh over it.


Nicole said...

I'm still laughing at that! Joy actually had tears of delight when she thought it was her name you were saying. So funny! Hope your Christmas was awesome. I've been enjoying some days off. I had a few days left to take and it's been nice! See you soon!!st

Sandy said...

Hi Robyn,
I have entered the blogging world and have found yours. I have really enjoyed reading your entries.
Mine is brand new since November and I can't figure out my password when I comment on someone else's blog.
Mike and I can't wait to see everybody Thursday at CR.
Blessings, Sandy